Why Us

Why BIGBIPS? Top reasons you should consider hiring us.

The term technology seems to frighten business owners because of the popular belief that it’s expensive, intimidating, difficult to manage, and capable of taking over human jobs — that is not the case with BIGBIPS.


We optimize both your budget and performance.

By hiring us, you only pay for the service you consume but retain the reliability of a dedicated employee. While paying less, your business is still able to access various advanced services and technologies. Your technology budget is never too constrained to keep up with new requirements. 


Confidentiality, privacy and security protection.

We will voluntarily sign a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you. We make sure your clients, employees, partners and your company is well-protected. We are committed to build secure networks and establish data protection practices to protect your data.


You can leverage on our IT investment.

Piggybacking on our software solutions will save you subscriptions on some tech gadgets you will need to run your business. For example, we already have all the tools to make you a cool website, an impressive presentation deck, a professional looking customer engagement form/sales brochure. 


We are your department, not your vendor.

You have an IT department you can discuss your strategic plan and a technology roadmap that fits your needs of the business. 

Since we are under your operations, we can work closely with your team, your vendors and your stakeholders. 

You can choose how to communicate with us, or have us represent you in technical meetings/projects. We work accordingly to your rules, not ours.


We are nimble and agile.

Our knowledge and technology experience makes us agile enough to deliver results and get solutions created at a speed that will delight you. As compare to an average IT consultant, we drastically reduce development time and cost.


We love what we do.

Our team is passionate about opportunities to innovate and to find amazing ways to solve your business challenges. We are good at building and designing solutions for you that save money, increase efficiency, and create competitive advantage.