Leverage a brokerage firm with document management widget built on their CRM.
Mortgage Document Portal
Leverage a small broker office with a customized CRM and a built-in document management widget

A small mortgage broker company continuously faces challenge in following up documents from mortgage applicants.  It is a known issue within the industry.  Large mortgage firms or banks can afford an expensive Customer Relationship Management  Systems (CRMs) and Document Management Portal, but it is too expensive for a small broker office to procure and maintain.


  • Tried a couple big-name CRMs but eventually it’s too expensive for the business to complement the system with the bells and whistles they wanted.
  • Lack of the skills in the office to customize the tool for their needs.
  • Big-name CRM charges up to $150 an hour for customization services.
  • Most CRMs don’t come with document management features.  They are reluctant to maintain prospect, lead, and client information in different systems.


To deploy a CRM system that has the most features and flexibility for customization. Monthly cost of running this CRM must stay within their budget. Must be able to integrate their public facing sales channels (e.g. Facebook) and other office productivity tools. We thoroughly thought the work process to  minimize the chance of transposing client information manually.


  • Did a technology research and compare different CRMs in the market place.
  • Picked a CRM that has the most flexibility and features where they could fully customized for their needs.
  • Built and integrated a document management widget so that they can manage the leads and clients all in one place.
  • Setup automated workflow to remind office staff and clients whenever a document is needed.
  • Integrated the CRM with other services such as document signing and client communications in one step.