BIGBIPS creatively put together a technology suite for a non-profit organization to address their on-going community engagement issues and the needs arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Improve community engagement and streamline workflow for a non-profit organization

Complete Digital Transformation for a Non-profit Organization

ACCT Foundation, a non-profit organization, had been focusing on their mission and never had a chance to look after technology for the last few years.  As time went by, the organization was no longer able to engage their stakeholders via traditional emails.  The communities they work with would not proactively visit their website for information. They finally realized they needed new technology to address the changing needs of their communities, as well as the additional needs arose from the COVID-19 pandemic.  They approached BIGBIPS for development of a new website and a racism reporting tool, all to be delivered within 3 months.


  • Interaction with their stakeholders was minimal. Email communication broke down as they realized people no longer pay attention to emails anymore.
  • Failed to inform their stakeholders any new research, and educational material published by the organization.
  • Lack of a channel to share news and information with their communities.
  • Publications were lack of organization.
  • No resource within the organization to manage the current website and organize email campaigns.
  • Needed an additional channel to communicate the COVID-19 information, and to educate the public about the racism issues stemmed from COVID-19.
  • Needed a new website for they new subsidiary organization: Act2endracism
  • Needed a real time racism reporting tool for the public. The purpose is to collect information about the situation for future government lobbying.
  • Needed a forum to host member discussions.

After a few discussions, we concluded that the client needed more than just a new website and a racism reporting tool.  With the time and budget constraints, BIGBIPS creatively put together a technology suite for the organization . We also worked closely with their marketing arm to integrate their web strategy with their new social media strategy.  We delivered all the technologies within 3 months and also provided and additional 3 months of support, training and knowledge transfer.


To deliver a technology suite that resolves all current issues while addressing the additional needs. We need to make sure the organization will have the technical and financial capability to maintain these technologies in the long run. Therefore, the solution must also be scalable and expandable so that no further investment is required within the next 3 years.


  • Redevelopment of their current website (
  • Development of a new website ( with integration of a new Youtube channel.
  • An online racism reporting system in 7 different languages.
  • A Virtual Assistant that allows people to report racism incidents via texting/SMS. (Text 587-507-3838 to give it a try)
  • Two member-based online communities for both ACCT Foundation and ACT2endracism. These online communities will enable the client to host online events, post relevant information, and facilitate member discussions.
  • A secure dashboard for reviewing and analyzing the racism repor.
  • A contact database with Mailchimp integration for running email campaigns
  • 1 information session for the Board of Directors
  • 1 training session for the Management
  • 2 training sessions for the Administration.


Stakeholder and community engagement has improved drastically. Now, the organization is able to share new information, research papers, educational tools, and to inform new events just with a few clicks.   Their community members can also exchange opinions and discuss issues amongst themselves using the new online community platform.

We also provided adequate documentation and training thus the organization can now recruit volunteers to maintain the technologies.

The racism reporting virtual assistant is a great success.  People are more motivated to submit incident reports with just a few clicks on their mobile phones. Staff also receive notifications immediately to support the victims when required.