We Make Technology Easy and Affordable for Small Businesses

Tech Boost Your Business to

Drive Efficiency Reduce Cost Improve Productivity Engage Your Customers Build Resilience

Drive Efficiency Reduce Cost Improve Productivity Engage Your Customers Build Resilience

Web Development · Web Site Enhancement · Sales Tools Development · Customer Engagement Tools · Office Productivity Tools · Chat Bot Implementation · Marketing Materials ·  CRM Implementation · Automated Workflows · Business Intelligence Analytics · Social Media Integration · Custom Application Development  · API Integration and more…

We provide small businesses simple and effective technologies to compete with big brands

New technology can be hugely beneficial to small business owners, especially when it comes to improving operations and making your business run more effectively and efficiently.  However, implementing new IT solutions can be a risk when you don’t have time to fully understand the associated changes and implications.

Since 2020, technology transformation has taken on heightened importance in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. However,  budget concerns triggered by the recession economy has made small businesses even harder to face this challenge. 

BIGBIPS is a team of experts with the mission to assist small businesses manage their technology needs.  Our goal is to solve their operations problems and satisfy their customers through technology transformation. 

Complement Your Business Operations with a Technology Department, with NO overhead cost


We understand the challenges that small businesses are facing today, thus we have developed a  model that allows your business to own a technology department at an effective cost. Find out how it works!

We want to be your in-house tech expert!

It only takes 3 steps and as little as $10 a month to own your technology department!


To help businesses understand how technology works, we have organized our skillset in 3  categories:

TechSmart – Make most out of the technology that you already have. For example, we can build you a sophisticated sales tools just using Excel.

TechConnect – Help you pick from thousands of off-the-shelf tech products  in order to implement the ‘right’ solution for you. For example, we can help you select and implement a CRM that fits all your budget and business needs.

TechDev – When off-the-shelf solutions simply can’t accommodate  your unique way of do business, a small coding project could be the answer!


Our price plans are designed to help you grow your business, not your bill.  Choose from one of our 3 price plans that fit your budget and your needs. 

Tech On Demand 20 – Prepaid 20 service hours at $75 an hour. Prepaid hours can be used over 3 months. Receive free service hours every month!

Tech On Demand 30 – Prepaid 30 service hours at $70 an hour. Prepaid hours can be used over 6 months. Receive free service hours every month!

Tech Pay As You Go – Service rate at $85 an hour. Bill at the end of month based on usage of service. $10  account maintenance fee per month.


Our support team will guide you through the account set up process once you sign up with us.

Onboarding – we will collect some information about your business. We will also need to gain access for the technologies that you would like us to work on.

Non Disclosure Agreement – we make sure your sensitive corporate information or proprietary knowledge will not available to  general public and your competitors. 

Service Delivery – we will set up a communications channel  of your choice. You can email, text message or submit an online request form to assign us work.  If you are tech-savvy, we can also set up cloud services such as Slack, Trello, etc. Our goal is to make your job management as easy and convenient as possible.

Reporting – We will summarize our progress and number of hours used every week.